organ is somewhat enlarged, and changed into a material which is, back thoroughly with Belladonna, or apply a Belladonna plas-, he is often able after it to get up and walk. Digestion becomes at, Dilatation or the Bronchi — Syn., Bronchiectasis — Dilatatio, . . 711, margins at the seventh, or even the eighth rib ; and may give a pul-, tion will have ceased, and the scum have cleared off or subsided. The, versation and acts, which greatly resemble infancy ; and the mental, possession of their Emotions. Occasional remissions of the affec-, lessness on exertion. The general health is often good., The Upper or Superior Sternal Region comprehends that portion, also reflex motions will be suspended. But when the cause of the, pears as pimples ; but suppuration usually very slowly follows :, murmurs, especially with the first sound of the heart, may be dis-, side of the face, extending as high as the temple and as low as the, a remedy has proved efficacious, it has been found inert or injurious, yellow and gray tubercle inoculable in the same manner as asserted by, flattening of chest-wall ; tubular quality of respiration ; dry crepitation ;, reported^ eleven cases; 1 in 1859, 1 in 1860, 2 in 1861, 4 in 1862, 1 in, " German Measles," it is strongly recommended that the name, voice is abolished where the fluid intervenes, and so also are fric-, hind the ears, combined with moderate purgatives every three or, parts of the brain — two or three small ones in the white substance