tinal glands are found, nor any intestinal ulcerations. Nearly all pa-

* These inhalers are made of glass, so prepared as to receive boiling water without

optic nerve it has advanced as far as the corpora genicuiaia, and

51. Wintrich's Modification of Bergson's Tubes (Da Costa), .

foreign journals, as occurring in various parts of Europe, the same form

and tumultuous, the lungs become congested, and the right ventri-

The sweat in which he lies drenched seems to bring him no relief;

less intensely, than mobility. When cutaneous anaesthesia is com-

(Brodhurst, Reynold's System of Medicine, vol. i, p. 921.) The knee

stitutes a new formation, which from the time of its earliest development

physical and moral education, and grades of society, so influence its

Treatment : — Apply cold water frequently and bandage,

in the morning. Thirst prevails ; the appetite is variable, more

Give all the water the horse will drink, — just as it comes

from time to time; (*7.) Leave the liquid to get completely cold, and then

of disease which prevail in both these realms ; and according as we

with the etiology than with the symptomatology of duodenal

vations of Paget on the obstructions of the branches of the pul-

molecular state of the nutritive elements, and improved by increas-

causes of disease in India — want of drainage, want of water-supply

ing under pressure, they are apt to become thinner than natural, or

a chronic laryngitis, with, a partial or total loss of voice. In a few

ribs with the sternum. The sac is wider at the centre (correspond-

from 20,000 to 30,000 is generallj^ present when the fluid is purulent.

and dress the wound and abscess with one ounce of Perman-

rhoids, which is extremely common. When dropsy prevails, doses

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