penetrating still deeper into the cortical substance, and which grad-
may not always choose to confess it) what has been said by the by-
limit paludal diseases to particular localities, seasons, and latitudes.
shortest duration of acute symptoms was 1 days, the longest 38 days.
vital act, at the same time recognizes the general condition ; on the other
placed they remained. It was a curious sight to see her sitting up
by general sanitary measures in preventing the extension of scrofu-
Sanitary Science teach us that much may yet be done ; and the
he says, "I have been called to another, whom I had just before
may be seen when an animal is "pithed." Generally speaking, from
shows that two substances are concerned, — (1.) One soluble in water;
jerking breathing is the fault with most at their first sitting ; and this not
Nineteen cases were associated with, and doubtless influenced by,
pulmonary disease, or of the general vitiated condition of the cir-
perfect relaxation of the vocal cords. It may be uni- or bi-lateral. With
perance, syphilis, and fauhVy diet. The disease is found to prevail in the
Symptoms in the Latent Stage. — There is complete deafness in
cause of its being called into active operation. The influence of
up of distinct translucent Malpighian sacculi closely crowded to-
and sudden accession of febrile disturbance (to be measured by the
Pathology. — Sensibility admits of varying degrees, being different
there is no affection of the aortic valves, even if there be a loud sys-
seen after the use of any other remedy for the same combination of
vegetable decomposition generating the remote cause which pro-
own 7 cases, it was present in 3 ; von Grafe states the proportion as 1 in
The reader is referred for information regarding the properties
mostly ansemic, for the same reason. Anaemia occurs as an effect of cer-
conditions to Ix; through the ner\'ous system, the irritation of the
cannot exercise self-control, and make up his mind to be temperate
cell-walls subsequently disintegrate, leaving the pigment free.
monary deposits as alike, and not distinguishing between those which,
eleven days, and the temperature rose from 101° Fahr. to 105.6°
Cough. — The severity, the frequency, or paroxysmal nature of
Mental Phenomena associated with Hemorrhage into the "Ventricles,
past nine months, when a Tuberculosis Order has been partially in
plethora, or inflammation, or an approach to inflammation, you will