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Symptoms: — Lameness, with short, stilty gait and a want of

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disease, as regards cold, has often been prolonged into the hot season,

it. The ear, also, is likewise often affected. It hears " the airy

tion of symptoms indicative of hemorrhage into the ventricles

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positive knowledge as to the state of the heart's tissue) that such

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statement of Dr. Balfour, from what I have seen in the post-mor-

There has not been any case of sickness during the insufflation.

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epigastrium, and the alvine evacuations are deficient in bile. The tongue

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asthma ; and emphysema is a frequent consequence of that disease

by a red spot, centrally situated, and measuring about half the

alleviated and life prolonged. In this form of ascites the patient

respiratoiy murmur marking the initial morbid change in the air-sacs.*]

pallor of the mucous membranes; sunken eyes; sometimes