1palsy of the muscles. Until the last stage the general health is good; there
2pening sometimes with no assignable exciting cause, it more frequently
5Second, The fact that the morbid train of phenomena is never
7of great cold in the right arm and leg. The thermometer showed a fall
8an inch — i. e., from about the breadth of the straight renal tubes to
9has existed, rather than the stage the disease has reached, is an
10frequent!}' cysts on the surface. When a section is made through the
11sUent ulcer, no one who seriously investigated those matters could
12Louis have each seen a case in which the foramen ovale was open,
13letting. In a healthy child two years old, a vein (if easily found)
14to death to be irregular and uncertain in its action — a condition
15given specimen of blood is full of white blood-discs, or of pus-cor-
16by Dr. W. T. Gairdner, especially in old persons, in typhus fever
17with them when they are discharged from Netley Hospital.
18The specific gravity may range from 1020 to 1025, from two