Rules for the Investigation of Cases of Presumed Lunacy, . . . 417
the face not being implicated. (4.) An apoplectic attack without anaes-
In most instances the attacks of giddiness and apparent coma
Haute — Syn., Meningitis spinalis ; Italian, Meningitide spinale.
and most scentless kind." The brown oil ought never to be pre-
acid impaired, just as the secretion of urea is impaired in Bright's disease,
* According to a communication recently made to the French Academy of Medicine,
brought forward. The bromide of potassium has been given, and it may
The treatment by repeated stimulants alone is but the opposite
cavity. It may accompany both respiratory sounds, but is most often
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makes its appearance as oedema or anasarca, very partial and slight
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the observations on which these conclusions are based are, that in animals
stance, as fatty degeneration of the cerebral arteries, resulting in
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ingly. It is necessary to abstain from all amylaceous food, as well as
are more or less distinctly defined according to the tissue which
condition there is restlessness and impatience of temper, with mono-
Section II. — Signs of Disease from the Shape of the Thorax.
staggering gait, he is constantly moving, if on his feet ; and, if
[State of the Urine in Acute Bright's Disease summarized], . . . 950
lary extremities are at a right angle, the capillary end of the tube through
cording to their supposed seat of production these murmurs are, —
rapidly and in such numbers throughout the lungs as to give rise
sulting from the local treatment, as from the neutral and even alka-
It has been much discussed (and still is discussed), in which tex-