see the membrani tympani. A milky or watery fluid exudes from

being only watery, the nose hot, and the teeth aching. In severer

and followed the local troubles when they cropped out in instalments.

spavins causing lameness, without any apparent reason

sufferer is incessantly engaged in picking his nose or mouth.

drilled, so that they may be used indiscriminately. In mediate ausculta-

France, there were 592 deaths, or a mortality of 1 in 1.76 (C. Brous-

of the lungs exist, pericarditis with minute tubercle on the pericar-

pared by Dr. Parkes, and given in his most valuable work on Practical

a congested state of the hepatic system ; and, occurring in a person

Dr. Graves was once consulted by a gentleman, fifty-five years of

with the phenomena of wasting was discovered to be a peculiar

of the human tubercle in some animals produces a condition apparently the

injurious to it. (2.) The elements of malignant growths withdraw

dyspnoea, general distress ; and proves rapidly fatal, with congestion

3. Motorial. — Paralysis is present in the immense majority of

fibrous membrane traversed by a copious network of new-formed

If the bloodletting is not followed by some degree of conscious-

not involve the levator palpebral superioris. Sight is unimpaired.

forms of indigestion which ended in phthisis ;" and it was subse-

murmurs are the total number the occurrence of which is possible.

this affection; the mental trouble is coincident with, or subsequent to, the

one whom Dr. Russell examined, contraction of the pupil. The

superior lobe, right lung. 21 : middle lobe, right lung. 14 : inferior lobe, right lung. 37 : three lobes simul-

and run as follows : (1.) Along the middle of the sternum, from its

the walls of the heart have least force and consistency. The num-

nearly so much as the temperature and the pulse; and were not

advisable to let a hungry calf suck and burst it. If gangrene

is worse than the disease, for it would be felt by most persons all

and 14 per cent, of the saline constituents of catarrhal sputa), are

absorption of the muscular fibre and of the contents of the nerve, and

explained, by Funke, Kunde, Lehmann, Beale, Parkes, and Sieve-

on p. 271, compiled from the valuable records communicated to the

being contagious (Bryson, Cases in Mediterranean Fleet), the float-

as these growths degenerate and soften rapidly in the intestines, a