1older — most of them over forty and many over forty-five — than
4it can only be distinguished in the neck, the .best point for exami-
5cumulation of urea. Zalesky found the same in dogs, and that the ac-
7erosions of the mucosa. In the majority of cases, however, there
8sical effusions are considerable ; and they are sometimes advisable
9both shoulders, in elbows, and in left knee ; no pain in other joints,
10albumen in the urine always appeared before resolution, when the
11cal classification in close association with typhus fever, spotted or pete-
13general surface, the solitary glands may be either separately or
14by the trachea and windpipe, are experienced in the chest, especi-
16observation of its own members and of others whom it has
17R. Hyd. Bichloridi, gr. iv — v; Ungt. Iodinii Co., 5i y — 3^1 5 Adipis,
18each pulsation of the heart is opposed to such a belief, while post-
19all over the world has been given by Dr. T. Graham Balfour, F.R.S.,
20exceedingly obstinate, but the patient may be greatly averse to all
21or otherwise irregular ; and this state of things having lasted from
23The specific cell-characters of the sediments have been found by
25hyaline cylinders — numerous compound granular cells, some with,
27was reduced to 10 st. in 3 months ; 20 out of 28 observed, were between
28[In six fatal cases examined by Dr. H. C. Wood, the venous trunks of
29which the morbid organic changes in them have allowed to mingle
30often personifies the disease into some strange reality. There are
31special distinctness. If a murmur concurs in position with the seat
32all the remedies for epilepsy, and from its use not only obtained allevia-
34an operation which raises the price of the stuff 100 per cent. The
35this method. In the first place, he had, so far, seen no evil result
37will sometimes bleed. If simply cut off they will grow very
40richs, believing that carbonate of ammonia is the real poison in these
41but simply by the mechanically irritating effect of the operation. Sander-
43The Intestinal Canal is at least as frequently affected as the stom-
45cord, the arrangement of its minute component parts, and their con-
46tilages) are always equidistant from the middle line, but the left is
47forthcoming. Increasing the pressure probably would diminish
48chief vein of the thigh as the site of the primary formation of this