material which infiltrates the tissues of an organ previous to the

are belched up, all this passes away, and the patient is in his usual way.

and hot cloths applied to the abdomen, as well as hot bottles to the

larity of the membranes of the spinal marrow. — [Dub. Jotir. of Med. Science, May,

Psychological Medicine for July, 1857, that diseases of the brain

similar to those of rheumatism. In thus describing the Pathology

of the heart, p\Use, and skin ; and a more natural respiration. There are

as recommended by Marey. These bands embrace the arm, and are

It is much to be regretted, especially for the sake of invalids, that

Relative Dimensions of the Several Orifices, ....... 564

5. Estimation of Uric Acid (by Iodine), Dr. De Chaumont's Method, . . 932

aneurisms, and in deciding the locality of an aneurism ; id.) In

disease, and of the steps through which the views regarding its

It is clear, therefore, that the disease cannot be referred to

in origin, it is a murmur of regurgitation; if, on the other hand, it is

of prolonged hot baths, is much insisted upon by Dr. Winslow.

so uniform in its progress as the notice already given might lead

cially if the fluid be slowly evacuated, and at several repetitions of

ologist asserts that when he irritated the nerves of the kidney and supra-

that the medullary portion appears as if sprinkled with blood, while

vene after injuries which may induce cerebral concussion ; or it may

pearance become changed into the minute masses of the waxy sub-

in the highest degree. Dr. Watson thus writes, that " in a large

fessor W. T. Gairdner, of Glasgow, and Dr. Budd, of London, this

(2.) Jaundice from Obstruction and Keabsorption of Bile, . . 914


matic origin are generally multiple in their manifestation, and fre-

more advanced cases the casts seem made up of the fatty and oily

most serious complications of bronchitis ; and the tendency to vesic-

this mode of origin and development) have received the name of

nation with the chlorate of potash. The carbonate of ammonia has long

the saliva will run from the mouth. If the obstruction be in

ripheral facial hemiplegia ; but the paralysis may acknowledge a cer-

and Clinical Observations respecting the Stomach, p. 10).

cular diseases, and continued fevers. Intemperance prevails to a great