1was found, and, on cutting through the tendons, pieces of urate of
4behind them a stiffness and soreness of the part. There may be
6and uncountable. Great prostration of strength supervenes.
7circumstances the iodide of potassium and the bromide of potash have
9grain of sugar. This test is so delicate that one part of diabetic
10The amyloid kidney is much harder, more tough, and firmer
11the nipple to the sternum, the sound is dull from the presence of the heart,
12quantities, are found. These nuclei and cells are firmly connected by a
13But apart from the albumen excreted, Dr. Parkes found that
14flammation-globule of Gluge never makes its appearance except as
16Each orifice of the heart may be the seat of two murmurs, con-
19logical range concurrent with age and weight of the body, so that
20nerve-substance. It consists of albumen, fatty matter, salts, and
22the fourth day ; but from that period they had suffered little, always
23existence after death. For example, very different apparent vascu-
25The specific gravity may range from 1020 to 1025, from two
27habit of body, and of leading ultimately to the deposition of tu-
28muscular a)id fibrous textures. The pain is most common on the left
29of the trunk or extremities is determined by the finger leaving a
30the pain continues to increase in intensity and the animal is
32liver; and from the amount of liquid absorbed, and the temperature of
33which the occurrence of the symptoms could be explained. This
34sequence is now so well established that the most intelligent indigo-
352. Motorial Symptoms. — Paralysis is complete in degree, and is
36This case and others indicate remarkable vacillations of tempera-
37force, it does not seem improbable that a violent excitement of a nerve-
40Diagnosis. — From simple acute bronchitis it can always be easily dis-
43fessor Easton, from his extensive experience, put most reliance on
44useful for enemata are milk, strong unsalted beef-tea, raw eggs
46dynes. I have repeatedly known a paroxysm of neuralgia prevented
47scription of it, expecting at some future period that the chief facts
48kidney. His conclusions, resting on pathological facts, and large obser-