one-half pound of Sulphate of Iron into one-half gallon of hot
system becomes congested, the face becomes bloated and dusky, the
and Eastern having been comparatively exempt. "In 1816-17 the dis-
much of the scrotum as is possible and clamp, first returning
considered sound, the anterior roots and peripheral distribution of
deaths by it amounting to 1.06 per 1000 of the strength.
In granular degeneration the urine is the converse of that in tubal ne-
(B.) Situation of the Organs in the Thorax, ....... 534
was reversed : so that instead of proceeding towards the anus, as
phoric acids, while the urea and sulphuric acid are in sufficient
supply the buccinator and orbicularis oris muscles, the elevators of the upper lip and
sound of the heart. It should be listened to over the apex of the
it must, for the present at least, be looked upon as the result of a specific
ought to be permitted to fiow from a large opening, in order to
The gummatous nodule has now been recognized and described
of the urine, blood, post-mortem appearances, craniological measurements,
bitartrate of potash, administered in divided doses, as one drachm
effusion is great, the lung is compressed, which increases the gen-
phosphoric and phosphorous acid, surer and more permanent good can be
years for the lower lip ; three and two-third years for the penis ;
in a direct line between them, but is more or less sinuous. (3.) The pro-
so long as the discharge is maintained from the seton.
ming of the gland, by different kinds of deposit, by debris of normal
eases, an undue share of attention has been bestowed upon the
one after the other after an interval of forty or fifty seconds, and yet
used during the fit or in its declension, or in a perfect intermission
The following are the kinds of lesions which predominate :
Valleis : Guide du Medecin Praticien, t. iv, 1866. TJpham, J. B. : Hospital Notes
to a considerable extent, consistent with the nature of the case and
higher up. In examining the heart, it is therefore necessary to
ysis affects exclusively the orbicularis palpebrarum muscle, and does
incessantly tossing his arms about in every direction. The state of
structures entering into the formation of the coffin joint. It is
elevation in uncomplicated cases ; the decline, beginning on the-
Mental, Sensorial, and Motorial Phenomena in Hysteria, .
dence regarding the nature of metastatical dyscrasice was established