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tricle is nearly on a line with the junction of the xiphoid cartilage

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Lane, who holds that both gastric and duodenal ulcer arise from

food gets between the paralyzed cheek and the teeth, the cheek is

by which the point where the rod touches the lever is varied, thus increas-

a feeling of tightness and pseudo-neuralgic pains. A tumor in the

tres, or Tetters; (7.) Scrofulides, or strumous eruptions ; (8.) Syph-

Nature and Causes of Plastic Bronchitis, ........ 709

inous precipitate is produced, containing urea and oxide of mercury

when first driven; if under the collar, the 'horse will keep

of the intestine at or near the site of lesion. The latter case re-

Only in sarcomas have I previously observed such a rapid process

Hyperesthesia. — Increased sensation, occurring without inflammatory

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frequently the earliest appreciable sign of disease.

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The general symptoms which express derangement of the pul-

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than non-phthisical persons come of a consumptive father or mother,

Ringer). There is also correspondence between the elevation of

disease may be referred are of the following varieties: (a.) Vegetation;

usually between twenty and fifty years, and generally associated with

followed by rheumatic pains and swollen joints in one whose con-