Great diminution in the amount of, or the total disappearance of sugar
we find will bear tea or coffee of an almost boiling temperature,
complications ; but the greatest care and caution is required in the
proportion of two to four scruples to the ounce of water, applied by a
Alexander Keith Johnston, F.R.S.E., the medical profession of this country is in-
(Chambers's Lectures, chiefly Clinical [Am. Ed. p. 178]).
Professor W. T. Gairdner and Dr. Fuller are the two most recent
ordinary symptoms. The premonitory phenomena already noticed,
exceedingly difficult, so much so that nosologists have described
three to five times shorter, less intense, and of lower pitch than the in-
hand, and had a chair placed on that side to prevent his falling into
principle of the gastric juice has been now successfully isolated by
[Irritation of the urethra in the male, and pruritus vulvse in the female,
Death may happen from exhaustion, asphyxia, — when the respiratory
History. — On December 9th, 1851, a paper was read by Dr. Edward
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has been between four and five years. The following general result
ever, unmixed, or it may be floated on milk, or nitro-muriatic acid
The inner margin of the left lung leaves the right at a point be-
when variously modified, by lessening the amount of lowering remedies,
— the human and the bovine — may be taken to have been est.ib-
the reader desirous of more full details will do well to consult his
(Clin. Lect., p. 246). The writer's observations have satisfied him that
noticed, to show that in cases in which the strumous cachexia was
The causes which immediately hinder the due production of the red
in the heart is one that was examined by the late Mr. Stanley. In
to the bowels, and by a liberal and nutritious diet, with such a
seems to be a diminished capacity of the blood-corpuscles to redden
gout amongst " the London labor," as well as among the "London
Liquor Ammonite Acetatis, 3J - 5iJ 5 Acidi Acetici diluti, n^xx-ti^xxx-
pighian bodies, are found embedded in the new growth.
ceived the name of waxy cast. This cast may be formed either
its principal remedy this prescription: the different drugs in combination, for I