forty, and from that period the liability increases with age. Its

Mr Struthers would take a look occasionally into the Radium Depart-

we are so often obliged to submit to in the practice of our art. I allow

causes, as delay of menstruation, and constitutional morbid states,

of phthisis; in lung disorders accompanied with fetid breath or expectoration.

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bronchial tubes may undergo the inflammatory process, followed by

Pathology and Morbid Anatomy. — The pericardium, like other serous

of the soles of the feet. When the neurilemma of the sciatic nerve

been recommended. The dose of the bromide of potash is gr. v to

Treatment. — Simple ulcers soon heal under the influence of water

neuralgia, spinal irritation, and convulsions, or a " heaviness for

debility, and extreme prostration, expressed by loss of muscular power,

well as the epithelial cells, are natural. In the latter there is now and

perature merely, and without any marked redness of the face or

1. Mental, — The temper is peevish or irritable, with more or less

ments, fascial, aponeuroses, periosteum, perichondrium, tendons, bur see,

pneumonia, bronchitis, and haemoptysis are the more important inter-

must be owned that its pathogenic nature remains unknown.

description of a case published by him in the Medical Times and

must depend upon the general condition of the subject, the state of the

prevailing constitutional cachexia, in which the abnormal deposit

tion — e. g., in the veins of the limbs, as in the case described by

dences of syphilis in the bones and cellular tissue ? If they do,

cerons nature, due to extreme dilatation and thinning of the water

more of the common symptoms may be absent during a whole epidemic.

pestilential origin. The gangrenous portion may or may not be

blood, either at once or at repeated intervals. In fact, it is now

Brandy, or Beer is prescribed medicinally, they ought to be ob-

is thrown upon the elbows, and occasions a whitish swelling almost

one part of Condy's disinfecting fluid (9.26 grains of the salt to the fluid