1been connected with cancer, or with any other kind of disease of
4As the symptoms recurred later, anti-pneumoccic serum was again
5who have had frequent opportunities of examining cases of this
6(C.) Changes in the Position of the Lungs, ....... 536
7quently distinctly stated by Lepelletier that the causes of scrofulous
8(vol. i, p. 701), the progress of the disease may be held in abeyance
10latina, rheumatism, arthritis, typhus (during the second week), neph-
12spavin occurs from these causes orlrom rheumatic trouble
13cranial and the sciatic and crural of the lower limb ; and suggests the
15little capable of appreciation by a single observation ; and, secondly,
17Prognosis. — While the consequence of pericarditis " is sometimes,
18quired. But a general restorative system must be adopted and persevered
19This draught is to be taken the first thing in the morning, once
21the inner membrane of whose heart and large vessels is not more
22New York Academy of Medicine, vol. ii, Nos. 34, 35, 36 ; 1866), a careful and skilled
23ployment, believing it more important to preserve the delicate sensitiveness of the
24mains at the side of the larynx, whilst the healthy one is adducted well
25the barbiers — a chronic disease in which paralysis, tremors, spasms,
26these severe cases is usually sudden, the walls of the ventricles are
27the patient, when seized, falls to the ground, because the power of
28If the patient lives in a town, she ought to be sent into the country ;
30It frequently developed subsequent to an attack of scarlet fever,
31ously estimated. It is often present in many phthisical patients at
32remedies may be aided by a suppository of the hydrochlorate of mor-
34enjoy everything they are allowed to eat, and after some slight
36Table showing the' Relative Averages oe Body-weight, and the Weight
37ing facts in its clinical histoiy. In no disease seen in this country,
39that, in the present state of our knowledge, any classification rest-
40bowels or mesentery down through the the abdominal ring
42posterior aspect of the pillars of the fauces, and the condition of the
43There are, however, more partial or local forms of this affection,
464. Some toxic or irritative factor, usually within the abdomen
47that, in the highly atrophic kidney, when many vessels are oblit-