and he adds that many cannot bear this regimen. An entirely water

the contrary, it tends to their extermination. In like manner, it

and often escapes detection from two causes — namely, a powerful

or near the nipple of the affected side, is one of the earliest and most

and 105 grammes of sugar being passed in twenty-four hours), the


the cranial bones; exposure to excessive heat; clots of blood

expedition to Walcheren. " I had," says this physician, " the op-

initial symptom. The expectoration is that of chronic bronchitis, and is

of the neck, take a lancet and cut lengthwise of the neck in

effected by endogenous development, atrophy, shrivelling, and

were removed at one time, and the lung was fully expanded in

lungs, one and all, as embolic, and founds much on the facts con-

ditis, or pericarditis, resulting in organic change ; (2.) Functional

sue is found in various states : in some cases the interspaces or are-

signs of extension to the face are a diminished mobility of the lips,

The history of the development of cancers makes up some of

and enfeebling," as excessive perspiration always is, but it is highly

cylinders, resembling casts from the prostate or kidney.

of senile phthisis ; and that the most extensive destruction of the

[Palpation is a valuable aid in the diagnosis of tubercular deposition,

keep it on for some time. A cure will generally be effected;

Bandage the legs and rub them with dilute alcohol; also keep

would appear to have regularly occurred, producing contraction of the

may disappear completely ; and that even extensive excavations in

i. e., on a line with the junction of the cartilage of the second right rib

of intensity : the hectic is followed by cold clammy sweats, and

There are some soils peculiarly favorable to the decomposition

has published very satisfactory evidence of the efficacy of this remedy

appellation, as many have since done. Hunter's opinion was founded

thence into the vena cava ascertdens. It is at the point of discharge of

The physician can now distinguish each of these elementary con-

capsules were affected in the manner of Addison's disease.* In

crystallized from pure solutions, it appears as fine, dark-colored

round, Hat, and irregular in shape, and sometimes seated on a broad

surface, uniform size, and yellow color, are characters sufficient to