If cerebral congestion is indicated by the state of the eyes already

by 282 admissions ; ophthalmia, by 116 ; dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera,

The characteristic expectoration was described by both Ruysch and

The first recorded case of plastic bronchitis is in the Acta Eruditorum

ruptures ; but of these, three were superficial, only two opening into

rupture of the heart, and it is that of the earnece columnce, or ten-

the absence of complete paralysis of the orbicularis palpebrarum.

Kules for using Dr. Brown-S6quard's ^Esthesiometer, .... 988

ings and prejudices which prevent the morally insane patient from

Symptoms of Scrofula, or of the Cachexia which Precedes and Ac-

(Bucknill, op. cit. : p. 279). (5.) Observe any peculiarities of residence

gonorrhceal or urethral rheumatism (vol. ii, p. 66) ; with simple or single

renheit, or more degrees. In the majority of cases the decrease

and bring the edges of the wonnd together, and fasten with

urine, keeps up a regular alvine discharge, and can be given much

gray indurated lung-tissue is constantly seen in new formations whose

clavicular region, it is apt to be notably modified by sounds produced in

like anremia, dilatation or narrowing of vessels, whether of the

the range of the sympathetic ; and we have no right to include path-

veilhier and Virchow), with proliferation of the connective tissue,

[Dr. Roberts made the following trial of milk, in a girl, with confirmed

met with, particularly when cerebro-spinal meningitis and typhus

tagious typhus fever is apt to be propagated in crowded localities of

= A X 2.33 for diabetic urine, and by 2 for most cases. Supposing

side. There is a want of force in the masseter muscles of the para-

Another method has been recommended by Dr. Edmund "W".

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and in women particularly at the beginning and ending of uterine activity.

sure of the hand. It is more marked in adults than in children,

strength, of effecting elimination of effete material, and of meeting

the empty stomach, or that lactic acid being freely generated from the

compound colocynth pill, aloes, castor oil, taraxacum, sulphur in combi-

status with the thermometer in the rectum in two or three minutes, whilst

depending on the site and extent of the extravasations, the healthy

by general sanitary measures in preventing the extension of scrofu-

* [Dr. Dickinson supposes that the effused deposit becomes converted into fibroid