chanicsburg was visited by it, and in November, Marshall, 111., and
the instant, round or above the umbilicus. This attack is generally
to half a pint of fluid) have been added, are recommended. Dr. Macken-
Empirical Formula for Determining the Amount of Excreta Normal to the
culous cavity in a lung, but that all the small or capillary branches
hereditary. Dr. Fuller has traced the hereditary taint in nearly
toms, but also from the serious effects it may produce on the moral
dry and red ; motions pale ; much thirst ; heat as before ; slight cloud
Edin. Monthly Med. Journal, 1854, p. 281 ; Med. Times, Feb. 1, 1862,
may be seen in cartilage and in some of the so-called non-vascular
rare, and the fit seldom occurs twice in the same person, and never
apple) may be used instead. Its dose is from \ to 1 grain ; and it
grocers, bakers, and the like. Fissures of the skin are a most fre-
ance. The microscope shows that complete destruction of its
The fair races of Northern Europe below the arctic zone find Ja-
are seated on the under surface of the membrane. There seems,
continuously for many months, without inducing excessive acidity of the
the next ; and this alternation of gain and loss goes on for many
which they (and especially albumen) undergo the process of putre-
lutions of the chlorate or nitrate or bicarbonate of potash, or muriate of
fifth. The affection of the membranes of the brain is much more
Such are some of the general symptoms which indicate the approach
structive suppuration in parts to which the circulation carries itβ€”
considered as a disease, and variously named enteria, enteritis, erythe-
with the second sound, which is more quick, short, and clear, and
der containing camphor being sprinkled over the inflamed surface
collectively, in their various manifestations, constitute " Mind " β€”
paralysis with pain. (2.) Loss of mental, with increased motor
Symptoms: β€” See treatise on colic for symptoms of spasm.
the parts being dry; or if serum be effused, we shall find the heart
concerned, the actual patients themselves being of course at once
often occurs in the form of epistaxis, or takes place from the gums.
[The exceptions to this rule are not infrequent. In some cases no
R. Arsenici Protoxidi, gr. j ; Pip. Nig., gr. xij ; Pulv. Acac, gr. ij ;
strength or the situation in which it is felt β€” it is necessary to be
stools indicate an acid reaction, magnesia may be given with advan-
If the gland be picked to pieces, and looked at under the microscope