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7The inflammation may have its seat in the fibrous envelope of
9the most common predisposing cause ; while fits of intemperance
15dition is technically called paraplegia. It implies palsy and loss of
16been 5| per cent., and the average time required to effect the cure
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19of our present knowledge on the subject by Dr.Westphal, of Berlin, transla-
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23or sciatic neuralgia, similar pressure over corresponding regions
25locomotor ataxy, cerebral and spinal softening, hysteria, but with the
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28eminent physicians it is an operation which ought never to be
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33the friction-sound is of a rubbing or grating character. The period
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3742. Series of Wood-cuts, showing the Larynx from Moderate Closure to full
38disintegration ; and by perfect rest the loss of flesh may be still
39further growth, while the dryness of the season and the diminished
40cases of diphtheria and croup where the membrane extends from the lungs
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45from it all the benefit which it can afford (Jackson).
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47lost after the mastoid operation, death being due to meningitis