perforation of the pulmonary pleura from without inwards, as in
combination with one or two grains of calomel, and half a grain of
monii, and from ten to fifteen minims of the tincture of opium, or of
hereditary. Dr. Fuller has traced the hereditary taint in nearly
of fibrilloid tissue like condensed fibrine, more or less hyaline, or
seemed to confine itself to one section of the establishment — to one block
nostrils, it holds them so he can onl}^ take in a certain amount of
scribed in the form of the bicarbonate or of the citrate or acetate of
of the Pathological Society's Transactions, p. 151.
be resisted with strength. Involuntary jerkmgs of the limbs in
by the rectum. In another case the symptoms continued during
degrees of inflammation, or according as that inflammation is acute
transparent, glistening, rigid, and thick, and a reduction in the
^Treatment. — If there be time, commence by the inhalation of the
appetite is unimpaired, a full supper, followed by a moderate
tinued for over a longer period than is necessary in paralysis of the
and the upper lobes or lobe anterior. The lungs at last in old
Sometimes the Bromide of Potassium or Sodium may be given
number of the cells should be gradually increased as the muscles
become obscured. There is confusion of thought rather than de-
It contains fat and blood-vessels, visible macroscopically, and
is at least the best to adopt in practice, and is consistent with the
insanity, was made the foundation of the doctrine of possession by
Piorry, and the peripneumonie des agonisans of Laennec, and some
scribed as a medicine, and a pint of beef-tea in divided doses may be
lar diseases, and their regulated distribution according to atmos-
the intellectual faculties, sensation, and muscular motion, both of animal
aortal system : but this is not the case in compensating hyper-
which affects the course of Thought and action, without destroying
Stimulating and tonic remedies, such as turpentine, are of benefit
[The sound elicited by percussion of the chest in health varies with the
so that the natural embouchure is narrowed, and a musical wind in-
may be relieved by bicarbonate of soda, in doses of fifteen grains,
of the connective tissue of the organs, and granulo-fatty degeneration —
with. It may be connected with the fit etiologically ; or it may be
ing the characteristics of the pulse by the sphygmograph. From the