put entirely round the affected limb, and when the knees are the

tion of the lung is materially affected by the influence of the ner-

several cases, and an analysis of many others, collected from the records of Guy's

turing of an abscess or other tumor. The different acute inflam-

Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis, &c. ; reprinted from the Boston Medical and Surgical

granulations, — are dilated air-vesicles or lobulets, filled with the puriform

2. Usually lower limbs alone paralyzed. 2. Usually other parts paralyzed besides

There are three kinds of anaemic murmurs which may be dis-

frequent, and his expectoration streaked with blood ; but notwith-

involved, as in rheumatism. These are the parts also on which the

of the finest thoracic murmurs, it is unjust, as already observed, to

cases, recommends the neutralization of the free ammonia by chlorine, to

should be placed at a convenient height for a person sitting or standing.

be relatively determined in the living subject : so also its relative

some severe hydrocephalic disease, or of old age, or of long-stand-

The late Dr. R. B. Todd remarked, that " further observations

potash, in a cup of milk, every night.] Alkalies are most beneficial

from which the previous statements have been quoted.

increased thickness of cortex, and are sometimes compressed into the

or emaciation (Spirometry ; see previous pages, under " Sc7*ofula," p.

greatly assist or promote the action of the poison, but are not the

and that one dram is to be diluted with water. " But the main

his family excites the patient by slow degrees to the highest pitch

weakened, in the other it is wasted. The effect is the same: the sys-

his prognosis till after the first week or ten days, lest inflammation

10. Palpitation increased by exercise, 10. Palpitation increased by sedentary

fact that officers were attacked in infinitely smaller proportions than

more so than even in our own army. In 1861, M. Colin (Profes-

posure than others ; (4.) Intemperate habits ; (5.) Exposure to an

was fairly common in the post-mortem room. That it occurred as a

The second sound has the region of the base for its centre ; and in

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