5. Monomania is a term which comprehends various forms or

was finally screwed down. A soldier, who received a severe wound

above downwards is quite unable to undo the incarceration of an

man that sometimes even the initiated may fear that death is im-

salines. TThen nausea or vomiting occurs, hydrocyanic acid, bella-

in Edinburgh and other large towns was so great that they died in

at the points of division. Primitive reddish sputa generally become yel-

either get well or there will be great oppression in breathing;

flamation, which generally attacks the hind limbs; though the

and return ; and eventually cutaneous hyperesthesia or neuralgia

diately beneath the serous coat, where sanguineous congestions and

A plausible reason is generally assigned for the attempt in such

I. Softening of Tissue has been described in the small intestines

the murmur is. It is of no practical importance, for example, in

The cramming of the glands, associated with submucous vascu-

recoveries ; and three of these were effected by inflation of the colon

(1.) 10 c. c. of clear urine are diluted by means of a measuring flask to

only acts as a sedative, but aids the radical cure of the disease,

and canala, on the right side, between the hip and ribs, where it

during the paroxysm, and subsequently during the interval.

He has shown that improvement in cases of pulmonary phthisis

ates the past, and throws a veil over the future, till the patient

susception are to be distinguished by the absence of the hernial

Surg., 1 91 3. p. 691. 'Grey Turner, Med. Press and Circular, 4th September

between the frequency of the pulse and the body-temperature ; the latter,

healthy. This may appear paradoxical ; but it is known as a mat-

patient otherwise phthisical, when it can be traced to no other

sions. A woman in the fourth month of her pregnancy had a

the Oriental hookah, in which the smoke is purified by being

operation. Pass the catheter every day until the wound is

scopically, and found that the fluid was not pus ; and to show that

by decomposition or any usual reagent. In size about gg'outh of an inch.

of mucus from the lungs, which varies considerably in appearance and

dent with the renal signs ? In how many post-mortem examina-

the substance of the lung, there is associated more or less inflam-

The long exposure of the eyes to the glare of the sun in camp may