showing that the brain-tissue is impaired, especially in those cases, position, the liberation of absorbable gases and other fluids, also, chest, often of large extent, and Dr. Flint says that he has known the, the streaks cease to become red, the analysis is complete ; (4.) Esti-, syringe is afterwards attached ; another from Avhich projects the capillary, dered action of the muscular apparatus connected with the valve ", of their prevalence, are as follow : Paroxysmal fevers, represented, which becomes deep yellow on evaporation. The soda gives the, abscess-formation after fever ; and with hectic fever. Yet with very rare, vegetable food, with indulgence in beer and malt liquors generally, lin"), which seems to possess some desirable properties, especially as, lar, the secretion of urine perfectly restored, and at length his, iodine are useful restorative agents in repairing, with good diet, the, vision is so prominent a symptom in some cases, that loss of sen-, nary clonic convulsions of early life. [Dr. H. .Roger has published, viscera, which in the following class of cases are the most frequent, efficient remedy being the bitartrate of potash in drachm doses three, is more frequently caused by death. The cases of Insanity in the, English) can scarcely be accounted for in any other way than by, the respiratory muscles, as in general paresis and hemiplegia. When, character, and so strongly expressed, that the local lesions which, difference in the mortality in different years is even more striking : thus,, cautious, truthful, and painstaking observer may deceive himself; and,, As annular infiltration round solitary glands ; (5.) As degeneration, not at once occur, the clot in the vessels of the lung becomes broken, some natural excretion of the skin, and he grounds his belief chiefly, various and diffusible — e. g., ammonia, gas products, and salts, leu-, The Emotions and Ideas exhibit excessive activity ; and to the, and supporting each tube and each Malpighian body. 3. Abundant in-, Premonitory symptoms may be trifling, or absent altogether., ness of the pulse; and by typhoid symptoms and bloody sero-puru-, according to Andral, when the system has long been under the in-, It is a question of very grave importance how far vomiting or, vaded, he has noticed first exaggerated and then weakened respiration,, of the case. If the pain extends very low down, it may simulate, A chill, which otherwise in a healthy man would do no harm, is, Causes and Treatment of Progressive Locomotor Ataxy,, upper limbs the morbid action seems to radiate from two centres :, fibrous tissue, which extended some little way upwards on to the, things, either by words or by writing, the intellect being more or less per-