pend. These symptoms consist of, — (1.) Premonitory warnings,
cordial region, the limits of which, as already defined, correspond
any cure for the disease, a proper feeling of skepticism prevails. In
acute pericarditis is not the result of rheumatism, the patient may
dium are a part of the left ventricle, near its apex, and a portion
perature has no corresponding increase in the rate of the evening pulse
diminish and finally to cease altogether ; and, lastly, that there is, as yet,
morning and going to bed at night. The cough at first seems sim-
hyperesthesia. May be generally substituted for laudanum.
bath." The writer's experience agrees with that of Mr. Brodhurst, pro-
trophy, or in hypertrophy with dilatation of the ventricles.
and not of the aorta ; and he further assigns insufficiency of the tricuspid
kind ; and their most marked and constant effect is to produce
with. It may be connected with the fit etiologically ; or it may be
* See New York Medical Journal, vol. iii, p. 1C6; and Local Anaesthesia by Rich-
only of value if the dilated tubes are large and numerous, and the sur-
nounced secondary enlargement of the glands in the neck.
all, respects similar, which led Dr. Craigie to anticipate similar re-
any confusion between the two diseases. Dr. Burdon Sanderson says,
always more or less associated with a sea voyage, are beneficial to
utter a few unintelligible sounds, — Paralysis of the Insane — syn.,
or purging supervene, the colehicum must be at once discontinued ;
been suggested lx*tween conditions in the lower part of the alimen-
brane, and these, from their site and genesis, are called pleural friction-
Till. — The Degenerations of the Substance of the Liver consist of —
of one great system ; and in nursing one we nurse the other ; for by
parts with soft interstitial tissue. Diffusion also takes place readily
it follows gout or rheumatism. The characteristic phenomena may
Bernard, of Paris, the science of medicine is indebted for the eluci-
tion or regurgitation, tending to hypertrophy and dilatation of the heart,
fatigue on exertion, marked emaciation, a constant feeling of discomfort
easiness being greater, the respiration louder and more difficult, the
quent interference with the proper nutrition of the pulmonary tissues,
magnesia-like powder, consisting chiefly of the phosphates, is de-
to be of service in improving the general nutrition. The maintenance