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Definition — An inflammation of the muscular structure of the heart,

aneurismal tumor which implicates it, is found to present unusual

der Kolk). (4.) The anterior [motor) and posterior [sensific) roots

and foment with hot water until the inflammation subsides.

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1856). This is due to the way in which the change begins and

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the melanic corpuscle of Schulz is met with in anaemic blood. The iron

The characters of chronic arachnitis are — a similar opacity and

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count, illustrative of the pathology of this formidable disease :

the disease runs its course more quickly at the beginning than at the

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During thirty days the pulse ranged from 116, the lowest, to 178,

Isles, Norway, and Sweden ; while in America its northern limit

because they occur in organic diseases of the heart, such as valvular

This makes it hard, and fit for manipulation. With a razor, the blade

mildest case in the child it is commonly repeated three or four

where it is subjected to great pressure, and through a narrow orifice, into

Sankey has shown, however, that Dr. Thomas Willis, who wrote in 16*72,

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