ception (op. cit., 317). A few instances of such morbid sensations,
when the disease was recent, and the strength of the patient still
was on the fingers. " In the last case the difference was suddenly
indications for bleeding, and those that were bled were rendered
Percussion generally returns a healthy sound in bronchitis. An
heart is, as it were, naked, and lying in one cavity with the lungs
atization appears to be the same ; for if the lung be examined with
enteric vessels, and leads to the gradual effusion of blood between
membrane in a foetus 17 cm. long (see Fig. i). In this fcvtus the
the cervical plexus. It also gives oft' branches to the digastric and
ulceration, or the bursting of an abscess, or of an aneurismal tumor
abundant and rapid, so that much of the blood has escaped from
an irritable condition of the pyloric musculature favouring spas-
Med. Gaz. and Times, vol. i, p. 451, 1862), speaking of the physiognomy of what he
first stage has lasted two or three days, the pulse usually becomes
and strength, consisting chiefly of languor and weakness, and indis-
kidney. The hereditary constitution of the body is of great im-
The roots of the motor nerves thus receive the excitement or stimu-
Hospital, who, in 1837, first drew the attention of the profession
The probability of rapid recurrence is great in acute cancers — i. e.,
doubt can only arise when the two diseases prevail together " (Reynolds'
which promote or stimulate the healthy nutrition of the body. Its
One or more of those pulmonary structures may be associated
Treatment: — If the obstruction be in the pharynx elevate