3Latin Eq., Ascites ; French Eq., Ascite ; German Eq., Ascites — Syn., Bauch-
4owing to accidental and often preventable causes. Expectancy
5labors, published in his recent work on Albuminuria, has been pronounced " the
6sufficient on alternate days. Opium may be given with the great-
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8heart become aggravated ; a darkish streak usually appears upon the com-
9time attacking several joints simultaneously, or in succession, and
10Diaphragmatic Hernia is when the bowels pass through a
11convulsions, followed by coma, partial paralysis, with rigidity, return-
14The next day the child is seemingly well, or at least free from any croupy
151 in 20, instead of 1 in 38 — the average mortality in healthy coun-
16unable to recover themselves, just as is the case in other parts of
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18reduced to 96 men in 20 years (that is, by death alone, to 344 — by
20sons there are who carry cleanliness to excess, whose diet is most
21symptoms referable to the duodenum ; he had put on weight and
23pulse softens, by beef-tea, &c. Wine or brandy, in occasional doses, may
25quard. Cases of reflex paralysis are also due to diseases of the
26and duodenal ulcer, and that the pyloric spasm which was associated
27in the lobes and cartilages of the ear, and where, as Dr. Garrod
28of serum takes place in the synovial cavity; but although there may be
31very hot skin, irregular and partial sweats, a quick, sharp pulse, and,
34of the breathing organs (Sibson, 1844). Thus Dr. Walshe has
35the left auriculo-ventricular orifice ; (2.) Dilatation of the right
36found similar in their geological formation to each other, and to