1* I am indebted to Dr. Lindsay for the following synopsis :
2cise in the open air must be indulged in as much as possible; while
3Let it be given in very small doses at first ; and followed up by
4would have become purulent, and ought therefore to have been
5Symptoms: — Whatever the cause, the eyes will be red, or
6give rise to the phenomena indiscriminately described as pyozmia or
8both these statistical studies that a chronic duoden.al ulcer might
9great flow of limpid urine, after which the recovery is generally
10more uric acid, in a soluble state, from the system than under ordi-
12of the lungs are the most common seat of tuberculous growths
14Of internal medicines, arsenic, sulphur, and the alkalies are espe-
19considered in volume first, it is of importance, in studying the in-
22skilled observers. The frequent latency of the disorder, the obscurity
23Walshe recommends the use of iodide of potassium and liquor po-
24the inflammation of the membranes usually extending to the corti-
26rapid and weak. The cerebral nervous functions become inactive,
27disease of the third left frontal convolution of the cerebrum, or in
28which covers them is red and villous in the vicinity of the softened
29(p.) Obtain a general notion as to capacity or size of the thorax, rela-
30he could not walk at all, and could scarcely stand. When he was twelve,
31" It comes ,on a sudden towards the close of January or beginning of
32it has strongly the characters of angina, leeches are to be applied
33urine in acute rheumatism presents the strongest type of the so-
34(so-called inflammatory action) of the membranes of the ventricles, fol-
39in those instances where it is connected with a peculiar diathesis, and
41for 12 months. A mass was felt in the right lumbar region, but
42granules, aggregated globules of fat, brown or black pigment-masses,
43regions the inspiratory sound is very loud, especially in the upper part,
44the autopsies I have witnessed or made, demonstrated the existence of
45Dr. Beigel, whose work on the subject is an excellent one, and whose ex-
46lesser curvature of the stomach is relatively common in women
49three cases examined by Mr. Clarke, one alone seems to have been a clear
51cause its tendency, in a narcotic dose, is not only to diminish the
52gesics — antipyrin, acetanilid, phenacetin, etc.,