the prominent symptoms relate to difficulty in the assimilation of
two, is, as has been stated (p. 986), not the same in all parts of the
sandy plains of Walcheren and of Rosendaal in 1794 and 1809-10.
disease. The character of the pulse is not materially altered ; but
or less uneasiness about the head, — a sense of tension, and dull
j ustice, to the treatment of tuberculous patients in special hospitals,
from excessive production; and 2d, from an arrest of oxidation, — i.e.,
dence of recent or past neuritis of the optic disc ; but such is not
Syn , Latin, Bronchitis Capillaris, Peripneumonia Notha ; French, Bronchite Capil-
ment which Dr. Addison attempted to develop ; and the cases
to make itself more or less manifest throughout the whole of the
not an early symptom, appearing generally about the end of the first
Edinburgh ; or the oil of cubebs to the extent of ten drops three or
rapid pulse; rumbling of the bowels, — if the ear is applied to
hemorrhages, or other lesions, may involve the nerve within the
larly of the pleura and joints ; (8.) Malarial toxaemia ; (4.) Erysipelas ;
Sulphatis Magnesias, 5ss. It will remove from the stomach any un-
of the spleen was estimated at more than seven pounds.
ness of the thermometer in detecting such latent disease ought not
ton-battings,] subsequently applied will be found highly serviceable