intussusception. A. purgative, therefore, acts injuriously as a stim-

dropsy dull sounds are fixed and invariable in one place, whatever

dilatation, and valvular affections of the heart, in acute and subacute

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fifth year ; or, as a more general law, the disease occurs from infancy

2. Malta. The sickness at this station is represented by 906 ad-

triere Hospital, and brought forward by Rogee and others as evidence of

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The disease is also sometimes associated with the development

cases of Craigie and Bennett in the sixty-fourth volume of the Edin.

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for an indefinite length of time (Percy, Aitken, and others, see

have been referred to a suppression of the menses in the female, and

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moderate if it is desired merely to lessen the frequency and force of

(g.) Fibrous deposits ; (h.) Altered dimensions, as dilatations, contrac-

of ether is the best possible way of making ether vapour. Again,

organs, of slow and insidious development, most difficult to detect

pentine is similarly mixed with the yolk of an egg, and half a pint

apparently complicated process is obtained. The several steps are needed

it may be necessary to touch them with sulphate of copper, or ni-

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most useful is tannic acid in doses of one to three grains two or

of her future offspring. Esquirol observed that during the French

the blood. Once dropsy has supervened, life can with difficulty be

living in common domicile — as in workhouses, convict prisons, schools,

pump in exceptional cases, when food is persistently refused.

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