utmost importance, care being taken that the bags containing it are
nearly all, peculiar methods of febrile general disturbance " (Paget).
ear, and from increasing dj^splLigia and progressive emaciation.
Hyde Salter, F.R.S., Physician to the Charing Cross Hospital; and
sometimes occur in spite of the greatest care (op. tit., p. 40).
good health, and without any obvious cause. When any cause is
bathing the throat with hot water, as the patient may take
Give a table-spoonful three times a day. If the weather
does escape, and so maintains to some extent the function of the
nerves are not altogether the mere conducting tubes of a stimulus
often the case in old persons. Dr. A. Flint thinks that their presence
to a lean and withered aspect, the bony levers stand out in unac-
ply intended to clear the throat, the irritation being mainly referred
the contraction of the bloodvessels of the cord, which, however, he con-
As regards increasing the strength of the vapour — in addition
Characters of the Mucus and Epithelium from the Urinary Passages, . 937
tency; by intense pain, exhibited when the tooth is struck by
thus obtained, and a sensible impression is made upon the dis-
ward to 23° of north latitude, 53 per cent, of all the deaths are
matism implies inflammation of a peculiar and specific kind ; and
succeed well ^''ou may apply Butter of Antimony twice daily
With regard to bloodletting, there are three objects to be at-
each successive decade until the eightieth year (Walshe).
viscid, adhering to the sides and bottom of the vessel, semi-transparent,
cent, of tuberculous patients can trace the origin of their disease to
digitalis. It is in many cases proper to add half a drachm to a
seventy deduct 50 per cent. (2.) If the person has been starving for two
cerebral lesions (as in the cases of children in whom invaginations
tricles are hypertrophied, or if their cavities are dilated, the dul-