chest is opened. It varies in color from a reddish brown or deep dull red
phatic glands ; and from the nature of gland-structures it is known
as 35 per cent, of our metropolitan populations, and a much larger
mixed with bubbles of gas. Disintegration spreads with great
is this tendency which renders epilepsy so sad and fearful a disease. . . .
I am indebted to Dr Cramer for the following notes of her urine
clavicle, the ends of the fingers being upward towards the bone, and then
Maine to Florida. Dr. Lawson sets down the mortality from tubercular
mescnteric fold was present in sLx out of eighteen adults (33
quently thus forming an external boundary to the cavity. When
some apoplectic or paralytic affection " (Watson, Lecture xxxv).
to retard its progress through the systemic capillaries. Thus hy-
the axillary regions on both sides are highly sonorous ; the right infra-
occur in bronchitis associated with asthenia, although in such cases
" A person, perhaps hitherto healthy, experiences a sudden constipa-
sildo, 9 in 76. Treatment by the inhalation of chlorofrom, Baumgart-
of the Western States during the spring of 1819, and also in North Caro-
History and Geographical Distribution. — Dr. Tourdes, who has shown
ing or lessening the delicacy of the indications. C is a silvered plate
found to be completely destroyed, the sarcous element being diffused,
general symptoms indicate great distress, a sense of fulness and of
eight ounces of fluid food in the twenty-four hours, and no more. The
stages are found simultaneous^ in one or both lungs.
these organs; feeding on musty or badly cured fodder; ex-
first - shows itself in oedema ; where there is no oedema, there is no effu-