of a child who has been irritated or put out of temper. Such
best under large doses of spirits of nitre, antimonial wine, frictions
considerable size which turn round the external carotid artery ; and it gives some
[In two cases reported by Dr. Austin Flint, in which quantitative
effusions into serous and synovial cavities, phlebitis^ and diffuse sup-
2. Distinct loss of Perception, profound coma, and general paralysis,
periments, in which paraplegia followed extirpation of the kidneys, are
serous effusion into minute connective texture is the only uniform
writer's observations, carefully made through a series of years, incline
wise cicatrized remains of ulcerations of solitary and aggregate
chaff, etc., into the eyes; blows from whips or sticks; exposure
was noticed during this } r ear, and also in 1862 and 1863. Only a few
and in not less than i week after the subsidence of all
rhythm, when it is the only or chief alteration in the respiratory murmur,
by the side of inflammations of serous membranes are forced to assume
movement of the ears backward and forward, loss of motion
termined by congenital constitution or hereditary tendency. "It
servation of this [the medical] department [of the army]. In the first,
Some of these tragedies are most terrific. A man in a paroxysm of
part of the brain, associated with the apoplectic seizure.
tity equal to the bulk of the test employed has been poured in.
k * water cure" has been so much bequacked, the medical profession
of this kind that iron is of so much service. My attention has
It is also very important to get at the quality of the acid, — to
The scrofulous constitution has been observed to manifest itself
Symptoms. — Whatever may be the pathological doctrines taught
hemorrhagic apoplexy in which the mental faculties were very
shows, concretions sometimes occur. (2.) A singular affection of
dilatations of the artery, and in several cases aneurismal expansions,
Local affections are often accompanied by constitutional symp-