ing-point) of degenerative tissue-changes may consist in paralysis of
the matter of the injection does not, according to Dr. Bright, pene-
is firmer and drier than in true chronic hepatization, scarcely yielding a
being " anaemia, prostration, exhaustion," the condition of the
extolled thirty years ago by Latour, and afterwards by Dr. McDowell of
Diffuse inflammation of the endocardial membrane has been
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toral muscle. By thus selecting with care, on the one hand, cases
tion with acute rheumatism, Dr. Fuller has often observed that
that organ remains. A singular and rare variety of this affection
ultimately disappear. In favorable cases the casts become more and
In the conventional routine of " feeling the pulse,'" the unaided
time the production of sugar exceeds its destruction, so that " at
(1 to 4 millim.). Often these walls are very vascular. There does
and it too often proves intractable. Blisters to, and around, the joints,
in extent.] The vesicles, originally transparent, gradually become
There are other reasons which show that such paralysis is due
for the second year. The deaths were 1 to every 4.5 cases during the
angular or caudate, with well-defined nuclei. They generally ad-
to give a more favorable prognosis of the immediate result than
and upper part of the neck, forming what is known as the '•'•pes
given from time to time, in small quantities. Opium should be
recourse be had to careful thermometric observation, as described
Free exposure of the patients to currents of fresh air — treat-
Bearing upon these statements, several general > phenomena have
narrower are the limits within which the seat of any particular
peculiar mesh-like capillary network also exists ; but where the cells