the muscular nerves were extensively diseased. (2.) Inflammatory
body. The points or landmarks on the surface through which these
depressing, spoliative, and irritating remedies must be avoided ; and it
by the secondary and visible disorganization of the renal tissue.
and trunk are thus powerfully agitated, the muscles of the chest
stant and regular. The patient lay on his back, without sense
of service (E. H. Greenhow). This may be varied by the substitu-
falling down convulsed, as in hysteria, the patients maintain the position
[The respiratory murmur rarely becomes integrally restored in all it s
oxysm. Some patients suffer from fearful headaches, the approach
but of variable and much smaller sizes, existed in other cavities in the
the disease which we call tubercle to the influence of hereditary predis-
their body. One man keeps the house imagining he is too large to
phthisical patients, as shown by Dr. Bennett, by which, under
weariness of the body. Sleep at last cannot be obtained, or it is
tissue is more loaded with dark venous blood than usual, and its
nor will they admit of precisely the same method of treatment. It is a
actually a benefit to a child to be fed on the milk of tuberculous
guishing characteristic of paralysis due to a cerebral lesion to be in
horse is lame, either in the fore or hind leg, most frequently
almost at the outset of the seizure. In a patient, where it was recorded
it the look of being blown outwards. The origin of such pouches is in the
the implication of any external organ; but not unfrequently the
to estimate, as the mortality from the disease is largely determined
Amplitude of the Trace influenced by Volume of the Artery, .
asylum. But, fortunately for the chances of cure, a love for and
Acute or Yellow Atrophy or the Liver — Hepatitis diffusa,
scribed, may emphatically be termed " blood diseases " — diseases in
which this occurs except pycemia. It is no doubt due to this cir-
ditis. Stokes, Sibson, and Graves have each of them recorded cases
due emotionalism.— Kiemani Amfr. Ther, mide and conium \:^Mki strain on the heart<
to counterbalance the varying interchange of bulk between the