viously powdered and pressed between blotting-paper, are weighed and

lar heap of particles ready to fall asunder. (The Lancet, vol. ii, 1866.)

venous circulation becomes retarded. Soon, perhaps, it dilates, when

Turning to the drawbacks to the method, Dr Thomson had

Definition. — A mental state in which acts of Conception, Judgment,

content through the colon, to judge from the accumulation of

plicated with the fatty or the amyloid degenerations about to be

of ulcer must be frequently overlooked at operation, and the ques-

berg, Graves, Rayer, and several other writers. Mr. Spencer Wells

The ascites may be caused by disease of the liver ; and should

shown that the valves and orifices of the heart are often damaged

(g.) Fibrous deposits ; (h.) Altered dimensions, as dilatations, contrac-

ventricle, a systolic basic mur-,cardiac murmur always regurg-

generally sudden, and without any previous symptoms, but it is

II. Active exercise in the open air is imperatively demanded by the

thus failing to appear in one generation, may lie dormant, and at

taxed long before any change can be detected by auscultation or

traction, or a dilatation, an ossification, a permanent patency, or a

sequently nutritive and assimilative functions connected with the

Greenhow show that this diminution is in a great degree due to

functional, or spiritual theory ; and (2.) The cerebral theory.

beset with granules, some of which were albuminous, and others fatty.

upon the fibrous tissues in particular, visiting and quitting them

certain organs, he creates not merely disordered sensations, but often also disordered

stream of blood, become fixed in the artery. Recovery may ensue

Ascites sometimes results from the large effusion of serum which

the convexity, and temporal lobes. The capillary network is greatly de-

days and nights ; and should he momentarily fall off into a doze,

upon the diseased part, as in some cases it is desirable to do, and with