Definition of Progressive Myo-sclerosic Paralysis, . .
of loaf-sugar, and afterwards pour slowly into the test-tube about a drachm
give temporary relief, by allowing the air to escape ; but as the
symptoms, lying in their obstruction. The real principle of treatment
Numbers denoting the Range of Movements of various Parts of the
by "letting the fluid out" ("Watson's Lectures, 4th edit., vol. ii, p.
the few minutes at one's disposal it was impossible to allude to
Reports, vol. i, 1865). He first injected disintegrated fibrine, oxide of zinc,
uneasiness and distress, both mental and bodily, result from the
system, through the digestive and secretory functions ; and which
whole left side of the neck with Scotch Oil to stimulate the
or less vascular. Sometimes the color is dark from bile-pigment ;
of some persecution or bodily harm, with a tendency to suicide, and a
urea is diminishing. Fifteen to twenty-five grammes may be thus
and most frequently associated with the colon or appendix, is
varieties which result from other changes in the lungs, such as
and, although the muscular fibres appeared to exist, they were almost
10. Symptoms referable to the Nervous System. — In the absence of
place." He inferred, that the spleen was the only organ from
grains of the salt was taken each day in divided doses. "Assuming,"
sible to the touch, the abnormal action of the heart in these cases
experimented with, it can be made to pass through various phases
other medicines. It may be given with small doses of ipecacuanha,
of London, and reported in the Medical papers of 21st of June, 1862.)
extending across the corpus callosum into the medullary substance
process and to gangrene. In a case given by Ollivier (vol. ii, p. 569),
and elsewhere, has been observed to be developed, and to he most
joints ; (2.) Freedom from any active cardiac affection ; (3.) Ab-
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The exceptional cases, where pain is relieved by pressure, show
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catheter in the trachea — say 12 hours — no irritation resulted.