is slung up in the abdomen by the two Ixirders of the gastro-hepatic

In some cases of facial paralysis it has been noticed that hearing

the oxalic acid of urine most probably results from uric acid ; and

towards the apex of the left ventricle. Morgagni gives one case,

article on empyema by a writer — his name has escaped me — that

The left ventricle is covered by the left lung ; and all its anterior

paniment of the condition. On the contrary, many idiots have

their surface at the upper anterior portions often show recent emphysem-

spinal cord are found healthy, but some of the spinal nerves at their roots

Latin Eq., Chlorosis — Idem valet, Pallor hdeusf oeminarum ; French Eq., Chlorose ;

tion between the meso-appendix and genito-mesenteric fold is of

in the endocardium may be seen to arrange themselves in double

occur ; but they are not unfrequent when the child is at the breast,

plete, although the surface so affected may be limited in extent, the

strength ; rheumatism, by 56 per 1000 ; dysentery and diarrhoea, by

of the lungs are the most common seat of tuberculous growths

blood. The anaemia produced by this hemorrhage is generally associated

patient, who believes that he has the gout flying about him, and

the patella is dislocated fasten a rope or strap around the

intestine. These constitute miliary vesicles, entirely of morbid

attacks of difficult breathing, which are of longer or shorter duration.

share the same fate as many previous methods, and it was one

fusion of the whole very soon takes place. The circulation in this

Thus, the serous surfaces of the includm^ and the included portions

powers of reaction perhaps greater, or at all events sufficiently

hydrochlorate of morphia often acts like a charm, if uninterruptedly and

Dr. Lawson has assigned to them. Although, therefore, his theory

Treatment. — The indications for the treatment of angina pectoris

struck by the finger or the hammer. The main object of percussion

New York during 1857. In October, 1859, there commenced an epidemic