The lesions of the heart are comprehended under diseases of the

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especially beneficial after the operation of " tapping."

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mortem appearances. The brain was healthy in all ; no congestion

Correlation of Height and Circumference of Chest, ..... 240

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its cells, or the clots which it may form in the blood, become impacted in

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stinate constipation which may be present must be removed before

intense, mild delirium prevails, and the face becomes increasingly

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one auricle, or the ventricle of one side and the auricle of the other,

and constitutional states acting and reacting on each other.

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lessness. Breathlessness is complained of, and often becomes, at an early

experience of this disease, he believes death never takes place im-

Chorea is limited, or nearly so, to early life, arid is rarely seen

albuminous food indicates a more advanced or active stage of the

the great fall depopulated by fever, which the natives attributed to

against the ribs," and even raises the head of the auscultator. This

and dysentery, the mortality from the former alone averaging, in a

ears or over the superciliary ridges. The utility, in acute mania,

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VIII. Degenerations of the Substance of the Liver, ...... 909

of color). It is always accompanied by albumen. Urine of a brown