2of the central parts of the lymph follicles (see Figs. 3 and 4).
3— such as bran-mashes, chopped feed, mashed turnips or car-
4Definition. — An abnormal wasting and loss of the muscular substance
5observed. (4.) Aphasia may exist with apparent integrity of the
6a race finds abundant illustration amongst the people who inhabit
8so that, if possible, it may adhere. If it does not adhere and
9ries of the upper portion of the cord is priapism, which may show
10those parts of the chest to be examined, but not with too much pressure :
11apt to lose its effect, when elaterium may be necessary in small but
12Definition — Disturbances of the action of the heart unconnected with
13efiusion of blood between the dura mater and the arachnoid is not
14the fevers killing 17 men in 1000 ; dysentery and liver disease, 20 ;
15mer is not a common disorder, what is described under the name being
16greatest in hypertrophy with dilatation of the ventricles. In such
17thalami were broken down, there were paralysis and rigid contrac-
18ports four cases, three of which followed sj'philis, and the fourth was
19[Or the citrate of potash, made by saturating the fresh lemon-juice
20In such cases the elements of the lymphatic glands prevail in the
25the nerve becomes compressed gradually, and ultimately altered.
27the great fall depopulated by fever, which the natives attributed to
28to the state of the bowels and the acuteness of the symptoms. It
29(e.) Chronic Meningitis of the Aged is extremely subdued in its
30Those pathological doctrines are, moreover, always to be regarded
35The Mind, though not capable of continued exertion, is generally
37been first affected. In the ordinary form of the disorder, the arms be-
38Treatment of eczema must be constitutional in the first instance ;
40to the affection, yet a well-developed rheumatic paroxysm and a