Prognosis depends upon circumstances, and upon the presence and
[Phthisis attached to the age of Growth and Decay, ..... 234
JDesrs. 1st day 2d day 3d day 4th day 5th day 6th day 7th day 8th day
far the worst ; (2) the alkaline tonic decidedly the best. The general
from gastric and duodenal ulcer invariably show increased vago-
attentive study by the student who would make himself acquainted
tended influence in the production of voluntary movements, and the
Free exposure of the patients to currents of fresh air — treat-
mortem examination shows the brain to contain very different
in close relationship with the exaltation of temperature and inten-
The bloodvessels contract in proportion to the diminution of the
quinine, and strychnia, in place of the sesquichloride of iron. The
afterward apply Scotch Oil. Continue this morning and even-
ing — a pulse of 75 or 80 being subdued in the course of a few hours
Treatment. — The treatment of hydrothorax is of great difficulty,
as occasionally to adhere and play as a valve, giving rise to a click-
and fluid is effused over the surface of the brain.
contained in the lateral ventricles, which from this cause are often
under which it varies have not yet received the attention which its
Our means and appliances for the accurate appreciation of nervous
mence in the lungs of one whose constitution is tuberculous. A
clusion that "the reconciliation, not only of the two conflicting opinions,
tumor may present to the naked eye the character of encephaloid,
weakness of digestion, and a tickling cough frequently supervenes.
the ventricles. The cases, however, which are less doubtful are
of a hydatid occupying the internal surface of the right hemisphere,
is also fully proven by the records of asylums for the insane ; while
dull, thick, and fretted, and the disease is developed as the infant
vious health is in no degree affected ; but if it be large, its effects
parts of the process must be duly balanced, otherwise health is de-
jaundice arising from non-elimination or suppression.
may be expected to subside ; and after the regimen has been strictly
urine is thus discolored, the stools, often abundant in quantity, are
is the communis c»li, and the part affected depends ujxin the local
fingers, and probably from all their different tissues. Portal gives
no mention is made in regard to them ; but in three there was
with. It may be connected with the fit etiologically ; or it may be
lend colour to the view that the diagnosis of duodenal ulcer is by
Practical Questions to Solve in Relation to Growths, .... 198
as follows : (1.) Superficial meningeal effusions, five cases ; (2.) Within