of the disease are met with in the aged, — namely, the acute and
crude state, and in a condition similar to that in which it would
" This singular discoloration usually increases with the advance of the
long associated together, ultimate atrophy and degeneration of the
These means are all that the case will admit of, and they are very
the diagnosis of laryngismus easy, and prevent error. In the adult we
affliction is especially indicated by delusions. A fixed idea over-
laborious breathing, amounting in severe cases to a sense of suffo-
Any congestion of the spinal cord apt to supervene on cerebral
the tubes beyond the seat of obstruction become completely emptied,
in chloro-ancemia — e. g., noise in the ears — a blowing or a sensation
ment will soon be disappointed ; and he who recommends it as an in-
food in the morning, and an hour before dinner, so as to avoid its
recurrent epithelioma of the tongue, where the progress of the case
cular substance of the heart itself sometimes affected, constituting
mum of intensity of the respiratory murmur is, anteriorly from the
which the term " creeping palsy " is applied ; or whether (as Lock-
of potash, and bicarbonate of soda may be given ; and atomized weak so-
should be given every hour till the patient is relieved; and while it
sired object (I. c, p. 186). The fluid has been gradually reabsorbed,
the same quality ; for in some instances, where the color of the
the liability to inflammation, whether of the joints, the heart, or
washed in water, and then put in alcohol, or into a solution of chlo-
of the large pastern and not involving the joint it is called an
Dr. E. Bouchut, to whom the profession is indebted for being amongst
fixed its position there. "When hydrothorax is secondary, almost
4. Retching and increased sali- 4. In cerebral vomiting the stom-
the higher castes — a circumstance which he states is partly due to
becomes extreme. General paralysis is common ; but death is the
Accompanying either of the previous forms, or existing per se,
troubles, tremor, muscular iveakness and restlessness, hallucinations of
torations. In such cases the aneurismal tumor presses upon the
it was on the right side in 19 cases out of twenty ; while Rayer and Reil
and fixed delusions, accompanied Ixy strong suicidal and homicidal feel-
little carbolic acid is very beneficial. Twice a day use a spray
(Wunderlich) — its coexistence with tactile vibration, and where
The most frequent complications are : (1.) Congestions of the lungs ;
and clear. When scanty, in the later stages, it may become turbid from