in twenty-four hours and turn the horse out or put him at
sional doses of digitalin, or veratrum viride, or atropia, and giving
renal vessels, is found in the urine. Transitory albuminuria is met with
9, No. 12). It is identical with the lower fossa of the scapula. It
mented, and deposits urates. It contains a variable but usually a
demics between 1838 and 1865 varied between 75 per cent, and 20 per
temperature of the air from 40° to 4° or 5° below the freezing-point
fauces and upper parts of the pharynx and larynx, this quantity varying,
and regularity of which depend upon the firmness and steadiness with
ated, without a recourse to drugs. Should this not be the case, castor oil
of the European armies (French, Prussian, Russian, Belgian, and
horizontal ; it may be formed by an ascending or descending plane,
this is often wanting. Another condition is, that the bronchial open-
same cause of development — namely, the syphilitic poison— of which
of phthsis. The history of phthisis in armies will at once show how
years show that only in exceptional cases is the presence of tuberc'e
points, are applied, so that the degree of his contactile discrimination
these should be examined by applying the inoculation test which is
seldom falls below 20 ounces, but may be lessened to 8 or 10 ounces in
the joints, the palms of the hands, and flexures of the fingers. They
stethoscope in the Great Exhibition of 1851 (Class X, ISTo. 620),
feeble intellect, irascible, often epileptic, and of extreme muscular
or the Solid Viscera of the Abdomen, as to Age and Height (Boyd)
less than the quantity of water taken in liquid and solid food ; and
his body from falling, or guide himself in taking a few steps in the
In adults, the breathlessness is very great, with distended nostrils,
has termed it, red softening ; for, although firm, its texture has lost
brain, convulsive movements are apt to occur in the legs, and to
tached to the instrument at A ; the clockwork is wound up, and the plate
day, but afterwards the evacuations were trifling, and when toler-
symptoms are gradually but sensibly aggravated. A large amount
stomach or intestinal canal be inflamed, leeches should be applied to
seem to sustain the objections made against it bj^ Gull, Eisenmann, Val-
visable to play the stream with some force directly upon the part, and
far below its tip that it will not slip — too deep insertion must be
is unusually rapid, and particularly towards puberty. The physi-
fill up the vacuum ; and in that way those parts which we distend
[Dilatation of the Bronchi — Bronchiectasis, . . . . . 712
those complicated with advanced phthisis. Dr. Greenhow's analysis ot
lapse of the air-cells of one or more lobules ; there are then the signs of
the tartrate of antimony. These discrepancies are now to be ex-
the superficial bronchial tubes and trachea. In the mammary and infra-
sive suffering. With that view an anodyne should be added, such