the interception or non-production of the nerve current, which should be

isolated sputa are spat up, and at considerable intervals. Usually,

should be regulated. Small doses of pilulce hydrargyria or of pilidaz

nation with magnesia or rhubarb, and the Pullna bitter water im-

Diet should be light, but nutritious ; no pastry should be eaten ;

noisy inspiration ; or there may be partial relaxation, and then a return of

Louis' cases. Of 128 pneumonias in Dr. Chomel's ward, in 1838-39,

The membranes of the brain are generally thickened, and the

It is much to be regretted, especially for the sake of invalids, that

rule let the trocar be introduced as low down as possible, consist-

the lower teeth. Its apex and base are equally motionless, and

Again, the presence of friction-sound is not necessarily a proof of the

is rarely found effused in them as a lesion after death, because

alimentary canal ; in the peritoneum, arachnoid, or pleura ; in the

convey it through the circulation to every part of the body, and

That the poison is really thrown out by the blister method of treat-

or functional disorder in other parts of the body, serious well-marked

rici, f5ij. M. Sixty drops every twenty minutes. Dr. Fuller adds twenty

place, in several of them, in from five to six days, and in all the febrile

In one or two instances the first symptoms of the disease was

the child's head, and perhaps has drawn the back of a knife across

gether to a remarkable extent, and that the great omentum may

Thus, the base of the pericardium, is on a line with the upper part

Diagnosis. — From the general paralysis of the insane it is distin-

and cerebral softening, with or without a clot, may be generally made out

or twice a day. Sydenham's method of treatment by manna may

AVhether only the cortical substance, or the pyramidal, or the pelvis

ness of the extremities are also apt to supervene with such a state

disease in any important organ, especially in the heart or kidneys ;

degree of thickening of this membrane, slight alterations of diame-

and position of the limbs admit of being changed almost into as

given of Insanity, that whereas book descriptions of the disease

at the site of irritation. This constriction continues for some time,