2and showing that these denuded portions show no signs of destruction. Dr. Pavy
3with it there is a good deal of scaly epithelium, especially towards
4those who followed confined trades. Minute analysis, such as that
6lameness, helplessness, debility, or by attacking the heart or the
7in every way, the diaphragm descends, the abdomen seems fuller,
9general, effect of the same cause. There is no more evidence of any
10He rolls along rather than walks, stumbling over objects in his way,
12General Treatment of the Scrofulous Cachexia. — From what has been
14were in the Atlantic Region, 547 cases and 42 deaths in the Central
16of age. A similar case is related by Dr. Fuller (Diseases of the Chest,
17digestive function ; attention is concentrated upon the organ, and it is
18maniacal delirium, sympathetic and symptomatic, of cardiac or
19entity, and cannot be separated from ordinary tubercular disease, of which
20oil, or dilute glycerine. If the teeth are out of condition,
22drugs, and on simply colored or camphor-water the improvement is often
23In severe forms of epilepsy the convulsions are more formidable ;
24which reached forty-five ; and Gall of a third who survived till fifty-
26diet should consist of meat, eggs, milk, bread, and succulent vegetables,
27while the thickness of its parietes was reduced to little more than
29weak brandy and water, or whiskey and water, or dry sherry and
30the full expansion of the chest-wall {New York Medical Journal, vol. vi,
31gravel be the immediate cause, the urine may contain large portions
32While the editors make replies to these queries as they are able, they are very far from wishing to monopolize the stage
33ment called the stethoscope may be used, and which is especially
34all :signs of lung-solidification had ceased, but some pleural effusion re-
35seated, he has a difficulty in balancing himself (Tuke, loc. cit.).
36Dr. Watson remarks justly, gives to the symptom a greater amount
38shown that both urea and uric acid are actually produced in the kidneys,
40Of this class of remedies, none perhaps is more valuable than arsenic,
41greatly accelerated, varying from 36 to 50 or 68 in a minute, espe-
42the child be saved, paraplegia is still apt to remain, and perhaps
46found. There was marked dulness and resistance over the chest,
49blood, the urine may contain blood-corpuscles, casts containing
50in the writer's experience the bromide of potassium has proved more