pernicious influence of paludal poison on the French and English
paludal disease ; but in the West Indies, where the poison is of so
Salines and stimulants, with calomel and opium if necessary, are
some specific poison, which some believe to be of malarious origin ;
regulation of diet. Moderate exercise should be taken, combined
entiner, Xasse, S. W. Mitchell, Jaccoud, and others, The eminent physi-
is certainly far superior to belladonna in its power of diminishing the
are large (Craig-ie, Bennett). The portion or spot about to soften
is of large size, the weight of the pus breaks down the neighboring
exudation of a bony deposit thrown out, causing an enlarge-
had better be removed before applying the instrument, as it may hinder
of the radium, and also the benefit of small quantities applied over a
kind of hebetude, passing on under some circumstances to a state of
be much spasm of the bronchial tubes, as indicated by the asthmatic
animals usually eat dirt and filth; and, invariably, when the
fore, in the first instance, to determine in all chronic cases the par-
rickets ; or of the organs in the thorax. If spinal curvature and
uniformly enlarged, and can readily be felt occupying the left hypo-
tant subject in all its bearings, the student is recommended to study
(3o^n^ — then it is advisable; but after they are down for a few
tions of the case, care being taken that mercurialism is not induced.
when endocarditis and pericarditis are present, its employment is not con-
Sphygmographie Pulse-trace of Aortic Obstruction, with Hypertrophy, 626
diately produces the precipitate above described, so that the urea
and trunk are thus powerfully agitated, the muscles of the chest
tendency to the hereditary transmission both of cancerous and non-
rare in youth or old age. It is also more frequent, in a very large
"formative," or premonitory symptoms given by Dr. Tucker really mark
expression, as Dr. Gairdner shows, is not absent, so that the faculty
tions in fever, pericarditis, pneumonia, and delirium tremens,
very great increase in the elimination of sulphuric acid, being
associated together in great communities, — an influence much