tending, that no morbid conditions of function can exist without

and muttering delirium, are the symptoms which Dr. Walshe

hundred years, however, before the Christian era, Appius Claudius

consequence of their undergoing a complete fatty metamorphosis, be-

failed to do so, and thus fallen into error. The lesson to be le.arncd

the cachexia, it may be said that the nervous centres are at least

of considerable disturbance to the movements of the body.

curtain is generally partially destroyed, when large soft vegetations

hyaline casts of Yogel and Basham ; (4.) Granular casts ; (5.) Oily

revolution of the heart, and is called a pulsation. Each pulsation

them of the slightest claim to authority. For example : Without

In syphilitic epilepsy, the iodide of potassium is increased to five or

Treatment: — If possible remove the cause as soon as can

tise on Urinary and Renal Diseases, American reprint, 1860, p. 148).

grades of life, who, if those conditions had not been fully appreciated,

supra-renal capsules receive so many nerves, that some authors have con-

group some are permitted to die from over-action. Thus the individu-

in certain realms, though they may in others, far removed from

Latin Eq., Lien lardaceous ; French Eq., Degenerescence lardacee; German Eq.,

matter discharged often amounts to many ounces in the course of

gland, and the capsule is rough and opaque. Destruction of the

positive knowledge as to the state of the heart's tissue) that such

In a case recorded in his most interesting Clinical Lectures on

his back, fearing to move. His pulse is from 90 to 120, and pecu-

softish, homogeneous substance; subsequently, the degeneration of

II. The spinal cord is presumed to be the organ affected when the

Other functions are no less disordered — for instance, the respira-

there was hN-peracidity, and in one, cured by the removal of the

testicles, accompanied by heat and tenderness upon pressure;

degeneration in other organs is very common, and which in some cases

is one of softening ; and the diagnosis may be considered as estab-

plane below the nipple and the fourth ribs. Its base is on a line

membrana nictitans^ will almost cover the eyes; grinding of

may have been antecedent. There is no evidence that the disease is

The rarest of all murmurs are those which denote obstruction of

said "were feeling a little off," — that had eaten more food and