1857, having made them the basis of an excellent clinical lecture at
hereditary predisposition, and this tendency may be strong and evi-
bronchitis. The softening of the growth and the inflammation of
double pneumonia in a man aged twenty-four, who beginning with
justly believes that the favorable course of many a case has been
Pathology. — The history of this disease is a sad picture of super-
The ulcer frequently found on the posterior wall just opp<isite the
table ;* (3.) Clearness or turbidity on emission or after rest ; (4.) Deter-
digested matter which may remain as an irritating cause. This
malignant growths have been applied. The malignant character of can-
ation may be felt, yet suppuration does not occur. Thus the bumps
? ^th of an inch. Death, sometimes after only a fortnight's illness,
that where the lesions of the cord are not coarse enough to be seen by the
the Turkish bath might be tried. The patient should be carefully pro-
erated, the urinary water is on an average lessened; but yet on
usually increased by whatever consolidates the fine vesicular texture
which liquid rising to the top is, by the force of air or steam, minutely
the seizures have returned. In such cases the attacks have again ceased
solids are diminished (Christison, Frerichs, Johnson) ; but, accord-
yellow, or even a red color, according to the quantity of the blood.
given to the chemical characters of the sputa. Professor Laycock,
(male, aet. 6')), is clearly a case of sclerosis of the lung, with the same lesion of the
however, is an element of diagnosis of positive certainty.
ation is not so favorable a local change as that by which the tubercle
particles, chiefly fatty or fibrinous {fatty or fibroid degeneration). The
Jive to twenty minims^ which should be gradually increased from the
this affection, however, are generally referred to mental impres-
of epithelial cancer is about six and a half years ; and the duration
of the intercostal side. Percussion elicits a clear tympanitic resonance,
of the sensitive nerves, terminating in the mucous membranes of
the sad intelligence to his absent friends, they would say he went
The disease consists in inflammation and alteration of the
hours, and in doses of a sixth or a quarter of a grain, in the more
Morbid Anatomy. — The special disease of the capsules in Addison's