of the cord, however, sometimes occur idiopathically, and the con-
stemious habits may be martyrs to a disease which is commonly caused
spotted with small red points of a still brighter color, the central
re-established in improved action, the patient who labors under a
within it the effete materials intended to be eliminated by
apoplexy or cerebral hemorrhage. They confirm the observation
of some form of ill-health, always in the same way, and to which
pharynx, the larynx, the passage through the glottis, the mucous
History of Progressive Myo-sclerosic Paralysis, ....
ease or accident, and were examined at St. George's Hospital, 26 had
An analysis of ninety-six cases, collected from various authors,
drachm of either to a quart of water ; the following lotion to be used
bago, (b.) "Stiff neck," (c.) Chronic Rheumatism — chronic pain, stiffness
guide the diagnosis, are as follows: (1.) Observe the relationship of
Lower Extremities ; and which, to some extent, are subscribed to
bific agent enters the body from without ; while in the second class, or
negroes at Memphis were again visited by it ; and in the same winter
most victims, whether among wounded soldiers or parturient women.
runs so high before any local symptoms have been established, that
tains a high percentage of creatine and creatinine. If the urine
at the first operation is usually fatal. A fetid gangrenous fluid is
some other cavity, was the seat of effusion in above 83 per cent,
Metastatical Dyscrasise, under the generic name of pyaemia, have
are perfectly healthy or simply congested. On posthumous exam-
on the second or third day of its use. The viscid sputa became re-
One day some compassionate spectators, fearing that he might injure
or fomentation-cloth applied to the part but this salt, in a more or
of ramollissement, and of induration of the heart, are imperfectly
supply of certain of the households from which the children came.
the spine — have, in the hands of Remak and Benedikt, been followed by
pigment may be all that remains of the acini ; and in this way
men must not be regarded as schemers. (2.) Another class of men
iSuch are the general and local expressions of a diseased state of
cal Journal a case of disease of the spleen is described by Dr. Craigie,
ance) shows at >a glance the great diversity in the amount of sickness and
tween this and the phenomena of continued fevers ; for it runs no