1of minute, hard, semi-translucent tubercles, closely clustered like the eggs
2occasional Turkish bath will, when the skin is harsh, dry, and inactive,
3fore albuminuria occurring before resolution appears to be an unfavora-
6current (Duchenne, Sanders, Yulpian, Trousseau). The symptoms
7syrup of the iodide of iron. The syrup of the phosphate, as well as
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9secure to them fresher air than they generally obtain. " Constant
11Tl'.e Degenerations of the Kidney are chiefly the fatty and the
12cated question. The effect of trees in intercepting the paludal
13other hand, and by Dr. Bowditch's own showing, it does not appear
16the empty stomach, or that lactic acid being freely generated from the
17increasing the tension of the atmosphere or increasing the ether
19great relief from the wine of tar ; it is of value when it is borne by the
20nucleus may still be seen of a shining lustre ; and, when completely
22relative size, and the relative dimensions of the orifices to each
23or not a situation (favorable always to the malingerer) is chosen for
25Loss of weight is therefore exceedingly significant, if progressive,
26town. Dry frictions of the back and limbs are also recommended,
27With melancholy one contemplates the long The tubercle bacillus is and has been,
29mature. In the growing part of the node, and immediately in its
30With respect to the spread of the miasmata over salt water, Sir
31with firm fibrinous deposit. The whole endocardial surface of the
33the axillary regions on both sides are highly sonorous ; the right infra-
34etc., including an Inquiry into the Existence and Morbid Agency of
35taken. Decomposition of the urea in these cases is generally rapid,
37caseous throughout and resemble tubercle ; and, if life lasts, pass through
39[Much cod fusion still prevails in the classification of those diseases of
41was found, and in the stomach great congestion, with suj^rficial
42have reference to cows found by the veterinary inspector to present
44history of the case, the condition of the cerebral arteries w T ill best
46has diminished the frequency and severity of the seizures, but has not
47enth year. At Gibraltar, although sporadic cases of paludal fever
48reaction are found. They may be large or small, and are frequently
49alcoholic or malted liquors : products of faulty digestion are at once
50concurred, and mentioned that he found cysts also in different
51The original apparatus of Sales-Girons and Charriere (1859), (Fig. 46),
52nerve-substance render it difficult to interpret the value of the